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The Beautiful Friesian Breed


The Beautiful Friesian Breed


The Beautiful Friesian Breed originates from Friesland. The Netherlands. The Friesians are very light and nimble for their size. Throughout the middle ages, they carried their knights wearing armor into battle. The Friesians. . have been used in driving harness and under saddle but is now used highly in dressage.

The Beautiful Friesian Breed is most popular for its black shiny coat color but can be chestnut or bay and white. Friesians rarely have white markings, only a small star on the forehead are allowed for the purebred registry. The Friesian stands 15.3 but may vary from 14.2 to 17 hands at the withers.

The Beautiful Friesian Breed is powerful and good bone structure, long arched neck, well chiseled, small ears, sloping shoulders, compact muscles bodies, strong sloping hindquarters, low set tails. The Friesians legs are short and strong, long thick tail and mane wavey, long silky feathered lower legs, along with a brisk high-stepping trot.

The Beautiful Friesian Breed is considered a Baroque type of horse. There is also the sport horse which is a finer boned Friesian. The Friesian is considered a very willing, active, energetic, gentle and docile horse.


History of the Beautiful Friesian Breed


The Beautiful Frieisian Breed

Beautiful Friesian mare and foal

The Beautiful Friesian Breed may have been used as foundation stock for other breeds such as the Norfolk Trotter {anscestor of the hackney}, Morgan, and the Dole Gudbrandsdal, among other breeds. The Studbook Society formed to keep the registration of the Friesian breed pure was founded in 1879. Friesian popularity rose to be a featured horse in  Fantasy and TV drama movies.

The beautiful Friesian Breed is also known as the Belgium blacks. They have a strong cobby conformation, but with elegance and a quality gait. They have a smooth trot coming from strong hindquarters. During t 16-17 century the Friesians were crossed with the Andalusians and kept the indigenous characteristics, the best of both breeds.

The Beautiful Friesian Breed can be seen in shows, driving competitions, dressage, where they are used as elegant fancy lookers, which they are. Friesians are the majestic black beauties use in movies such as Zorro, Legend of Zorro,  and Lady Hawk. Three movies that show the beauty and elegance and intelligence of the breed. The Friesian is an eye-catcher to all who have seen them in action