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The Beautiful Arabian Breed 

The Beautiful Arabian

The Beautiful Arabian is one of the oldest breeds in the world and highly recognizable. The Arabian has a triangular shaped head, dished face, wide forehead, big eyes, large nostrils, and small muzzles. The Beautiful Arabian is also known for their endurance, long distance runs, small heads, arching necks, and high carried tails.

The Beautiful Arabian Breed

The Beautiful Arabian Breed


The Beautiful Arabian originated in the Arabian Peninsula and the oldest purebred breeds. The Arabian is the foundation breed for the light horse breeds such as the Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, Morgan, and the American Saddlebred among others.

Breed qualities

The Beautiful Arabians are usually 4.8 -5.1 ft at the withers. and strong bone to other breeds.The Arabian has been introduced to the world thru war and trade and breeding programs. People have wanted to improve the speed, refinement, endurance and the strong bones into the other breeds. The Arabian weight of an adult is approx.800 to 1000 pounds. Arabian colors include Bay, Chestnut, grey, white, [Dominant], Sabino, and Rabicano patterns.

A man’s Wealth

The Beautiful Arabians are highly regarded as a man’s wealth measurement in the Arabian Peninsula. The Arabians are of the highest quality and how they are treated. The Beautiful Arabian is often brought in to the shelter of the tents for protection from theft. The Arabian is a good-natured, easy to learn, and willing to please breed traits. Arabians are one of the top ten popular breeds in the world.

The Arabian’s Strength

The Beautiful Arabian is highly regarded in the show ring for their classy and flashy looks. The Arabians dominate the sport of high endurance in every sport they are entered into because of their stamina. The Beautiful Arabians are a strong breed to endure the heat of the Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, South America, and even the coldest regions of the United States of America.