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Foxtails: The damage they do

Foxtails the damage they do

                                     Foxtails the damage they do

 Foxtails: What are they?

Foxtails: the damage they do are easily corrected if you know what you are looking for. Foxtails are green or white in color and they resemble a fox’s tail or stem of Wheat. Foxtails are also called Wild Barley. Foxtails don’t look like a harmful plant but they are to both horses and dogs. Foxtails can be found in your hay, especially Timothy Hay.

Foxtails and the damage they do.

Foxtails have seedheads on them that contain seeds and microscopic barbs on the ends, which are the harmful part of the plant. The leaves and plant are not toxic to the horse and can be eaten, but it is best to remove all of the plants so the horses can’t eat them.

Foxtails: the damage they do is that they get wedged into the horses’ gums and between the teeth,:  as the horse chews its hay, this causes painful bleeding ulcers. Foxtails can cause damage to the gums, mouth, eyes, skin, and intestinal tract if not removed. You won’t notice the horse has this ailment till you start smelling a foul odor coming from the horse’s mouth. Once you find these ulcers in your horse’s mouth a vet will have to sedate the horse and remove them.

Foxtails: the damage that they do can produce eye infections if not caught early enough. Foxtails in the intestinal tract will cause irritation, but can be passed easy enough, The skin can be cleared of all foxtails, but they do irritate. Foxtails can also cause irritation to a dog if they get them in between the pads on the paws.

Foxtail Prevention

Foxtail prevention is easy enough to do all you have to do is examine your hay as you feed your horse. Inspect your fields by taking frequent walks thru them. If you happen to find any Foxtails, pull the whole plant. Mowing your fields on a regular basis reduces the risk of these Foxtails reproducing.