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Six Facts about Horses Hooves you may not know

diagram of a horses hoof

Diagram of a horses hoof

Six facts about horses hooves you may not know

The Horses Hooves are a vital part of their health

      1.  The  Horses Hooves continue to grow just like a humans fingernails. The length of the toe is relative to the weight of the horse.

      2.   The horses’ Hooves are not the same. The front hooves are more circular in shape to allow for more weight bearing expansion.

      3.   Horses Hooves are flexible enough to absorb 70-80% of the weight bearing impact with the help of the frog.

       4.  The Horses Hooves keep growing. The hoof wall grows 1 centimeter a month and should wear away the same amount.

       5. The Horses Hooves are basically hair. Human hair, fingernails, and horses hooves are made of the same protein.

       6. Horses Hooves got sole when viewed from the solar surface your horses’ hoof should be wide as it is long.

           A horses hoof can crack and split just like ours, but it can make a horse come up lame if it is severe enough, This is one reason shoes are put on. It’s always fun to learn new facts about horses.